Our Story

My name is Mandy and I own Baya Beauty, a new and exciting indie skincare brand, based in the Cotswolds, England. I am passionate about helping others achieve their most radiant glow, through natural skincare.
Natural skincare is a growing industry as more and more of us care about what we use on our skin. We care about the planet, we care about the food we eat and we care about what we use to improve our skin. At Baya, we only use natural ingredients, emulsifiers and preservatives, There are no synthetic ingredients or hidden nasties. We use ethical suppliers for all our ingredients and ensure only the very best in quality.
Our products are designed to be suitable for all skin types and all ages - even those with sensitive skin.* We also encourage both male and female customers. Lots of couples use our products. Sharing is caring, right?
You might be wondering, why should I try Baya skincare products? We have all made purchases in the past and been disappointed. Our dedication to research and product development is with one aim in mind - happy customers. If you're not happy, we're not happy. And if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase we offer a 30 day full refund guarantee.
*If you suffer from allergies or serious skin conditions, you may wish to seek medical advice prior to purchase.
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