Q: I lack confidence because my skin just isn't bouncy and it's dull

A: Upgrade your skincare routine and add Superfruit Priming oil, fter cleansing and before moisturiser

A fruit cocktail of skin boosting natural ingredients which plump, soften and nurture

Our elegant, conditioning oil serum is fast absorbing and non-greasy. The skin's lipid barrier is protected, improving moisture retention and suppleness. Happy customers say their faces are revitalised, clarified and feel comforted, silky soft and nourished. Suitable for all skin types, even acne-prone and the most sensitive.

From initially opening my package, I knew that this product was something a little different

D. Smith, Bath

The oil is refreshingly free of perfume, is easily absorbed, is non greasy and boasts all natural ingredients - which is important factor to me. The good sized bottle and stopper means that using Baya oil is quick and simple even on the busiest days. 


Having used this oil, my skin feels soft and much less dry than formerly. It continues to be effective throughout the day, with or without any make up and in all weather conditions.


Baya has the quality of much more expensive natural oils. I am looking forward to trying other products that may join the range in the near future!

The best way for my skin to start the day!

Sarah, Tutbury

My face instantly feels smoother and softer and my skin feels cooler and calmer.  Clearly the ingredients in this fruit-shot are well-chosen to benefit all skin types. 


Now I can't wait to see what the long-term effects are and I'll be keeping my eye on what new products Baya has to offer.

Superfruit priming oil was something of a first for me

Jackie, Staffs

I’m 67 and I’ve never used oil cosmetics on my face before so it was an interesting adventure! This product has a delicate fruity fragrance, and the oil is quickly absorbed into the skin making using it quick and straightforward to use daily.


My skin feels smooth and soft and the effect is long lasting throughout the day. Baya superfruit priming oil is a fabulous product that makes you want to come back again for your 6 a day fruit cocktail!

I have tried many different oils in the past, but this is by far my favourite

Claire, Worcester

I have been using their super fruit oil for the last couple of weeks, morning and night. It absorbs quickly into the skin and has definitely helped my fine lines and I find I can apply makeup soon after application. With other oils I have noticed the odd breakout of spots, but I haven’t had a single spot since using this. Overall I highly recommend.

As Baya is a new and growing company, I eagerly await further product launches


Sugarpuffish Blogger

I'm a super fan of facial oils so it's no surprise that I have only positive feedback about Baya Beauty Superfruit Priming Oil. It's a delightful serum which provides me with the levels without feeling greasy and my skin easily absorbs this serum. I prefer oils as part of my evening routine but you can use Baya Beauty Superfruit Oil in the mornings before applying your make up. I also love that this serum is free from essential oils so I would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin. 

The science behind our super six mix...


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